Quad Hockey vs Inline Hockey

Hockey is a popular sport the world over as it is fun to play and it has numerous health benefits for both the body and the mind. The sport has a good number of variations and this has brought about some confusion due to their high level of similarity. This article will attempt to show the relationship between Quad Hockey and Inline Hockey.

The following is an overview of both Quad Hockey and Inline Hockey:

Quad (roller) hockey

Quad hockey is a sport that was created in the early years of 1900’s. It is usually played using a ball, field hockey sticks and roller skates. The following are some basic rules:

i. There are no off sides

ii. There is no icing.

iii. The sport is played with four skaters on each side and their goalies.

iv. Body checking is not allowed.

v. It is usually played on a quad hockey specific flooring or on smooth concrete

vi. A hard plastic puck is the main accessory.

Benefits of the sport:

• There is a man to man defense coverage.

• There is room for offensive creativity.

• The sport facilitates team play

• It features improved puck control.

• It has better passing techniques.

• It is characterized by longer skating strides.

• There is a significant degree of enhanced skill development.

Player equipment includes roller blades, hockey stick, shin pads, elbow pads, CSA approved hockey helmet, shoulder pads (optional), padded under shirt, jersey, girdle/protective cup, hockey gloves and pants.

The goalie equipment comprises of goalie stick, girdle/protective cup, goalie pads, roller blades, hockey pants, throat guard, blocker, catcher, upper body protector and CSA approved goalie helmet.

Inline hockey

This type of hockey is played using inline skates on a roller rink. Some of the mandatory equipment for players include elbow pads, inline hockey skates, pelvic or jock protector, shin pads, inline hockey pants (with or without girdle), gloves and CSA approved helmet with cage. The optional player equipment comprises of indoor inline hockey wheels and padded shirt (shoulder pads).

The mandatory equipment for goalies include running shoes (roller skates), goalie stick, girdle or protective cup, goalie pads, hockey pants, throat guard, blocker, catcher, upper body protector and lastly is a CSA approved helmet and cage. Other optional equipment for goalies include inline goalie skates.


The above insightful information about Quad Hockey vs Inline Hockey clearly indicates that there is no major difference between the two sports. This is because in 1980, the modern version of inline hockey was developed from roller hockey. This was in a bid to shift from the traditional quad skate to the more maneuverable inline skate. Over time, inline hockey is now refer to as quad (roller) hockey. However, the true technical term of the sport should be Inline-Roller Hockey.

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