What Is Roller Hockey?

While traditional ice hockey has been a popular sport since the 18th century, roller hockey is a newer game that is played on asphalt or cement. Developed in 1930s Austria, roller hockey is now being played and bet on in more than 60 countries worldwide. Curious to find out more about this fast-paced sport? Read on.

Roller Hockey Basics

Governed by USA Roller Sports (or USARS), roller hockey has standard rules and regulations that are used in games across the country. While it is similar in many ways to ice hockey, there are a few key differences. Of course, the first would be that roller hockey is played on wheels instead of skates. The game is played on a hard surface, such as plastic tiles, wood, or sealed concrete, so that the wheels are gripped but the puck can still slide.

Roller hockey is also considered a safer form of hockey, with fights and body checks being punished liberally (as opposed to ice hockey games, where the legality of those types of actions is more debatable). The teams have one less player on each side (four to ice hockey's five), and operate under slightly different rules than ice hockey players. In general, however, an ice hockey fan or player is likely to enjoy a roller hockey match now and then.

Different Types of Roller Hockey

The term "roller hockey" actually refers to two separate but similar forms of wheeled hockey games. The first is traditional roller hockey, played on quad (four-wheeled) skates, which offers players better maneuverability. The stick is bowed, similar to field hockey. The second form of roller hockey is roller in-line hockey, which is played on in-line skates and looks very similar to ice hockey, with ice hockey sticks and quick movement back and forth across the rink. The goalies of the two styles also use different types of catching gloves

Betting on Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey has multiple tournament series year-round, perfect for gambling on a game here or there. There are even two international governing bodies that organize world championships for more exciting bets. Whether you want to just sit back and enjoy a game or place a wager on your favorite team, roller hockey offers fans plenty of opportunities to enjoy a match.

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